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Who said a Prius was a small car,Look what fits in the back

Welcome - My Photos

Newest C.R.A.M. Club Creation
  1. Raptor 50 v2 Frame & Drivetrain
  2. Tp packs ccpm conversion
  3. Align full head
  4. Stinger Canopy w/Custom paint job by Blademan
  5. Futaba 502 gyro converted to 601/9254
  6. O.S. 50sxh with hyper carb
  7. MAH Carbon 600 Main Blades
  8. TJ Pro
  9. DS 811's
  10. Futaba 132h on throttle
They are breeding around here
Blademan worked his magic on the canopy
Looks good for for a parts bin heli

Stock 600 canopy fits like a glove

Everything lines up 90deg at half stick

Align parts needed for Raptor 50 to T-rex 600 head conversion
  1. H60001 Thrust Bearing
  2. H60004 Metal Main Rotor Housing
  3. H60006 Feathering Shaft
  4. H60010 Metal Flybar Control Arm
  5. H60011 Flybar Paddle
  6. H60012 Flybar Rod
  7. H60071 Ball Link
  8. H60015 Metal Washout Base
  9. H60069 Linkage Rod                           Optional Metal Upgrades
  10. H60009 Flybar Seesaw Holder or    H60093 Metal Flybar Seesaw Holder
  11. H60003-1 Main Rotor Holder(Plastic) & H60002 Bearings
  12.     or    H60081 Metal Main Rotor Holder The Metal grips comes with H60002 bearings
  13. H60007 SF Mixing Arm              or    H60008 Metal SF Mixing Arm
  14. H60005 Metal Head Stopper (optional bling)
  15. (optional)CCPM conversion kit from or

T-rex 600 CF
The wait is over :)
Father & Son

Metal Aileron Lever
Very small carbon fin
Carbon Fin

Metal Pulley & Pitch arm
Metal mixing arms
Clean ant install

Futaba 401 gyro & s9254 servo
Futaba s9252's for eccpm
servo's with wire braiding

GY401 with wire braiding
Futaba 149DP PCM receiver
Thunder Power TP1010 charger and 10 cell balancer
Wonder what I can blow up with these

Radix 600mm CF Blades
The worlds Best field generator a Toyota Prius
200volts on tap Baby

My T-rex 450se

A little bling

Align 35x w/BlakeMcbrayer's heatsink mod
Futaba 148 PCM
Bump resistant gear with alot of bumps

Pics from the C.R.A.M. Club Field
Breakin on a Raptor 60
Another body by BlakeMcBrayer

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