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File Name
Size Date Me ripping up the sky on my Raptor 50. AJ on the camera. 9.8MB
2006-11-05 Early agressive flying on my Hawk Pro 30. 8.3MB
2005-08-03 Early forward flight. Still got training gear on. 4.1MB

Inverted 2' finally on film
"So that's what it looks like from the top!"
The Twins
Fully assembled, one hover.

Isn't she pretty?
New Curtis Youngblood Radix Main Blades. 190 grams. Fly quiet.
New Curtis Youngblood Radix Tail Blades
Boom strike after an auto. Lucky! Replaced boom and drive shaft.

Showing mounting location of 401 Gyro. So far doesn't get covered in fuel.
Shows all the electronics.
Showing wiring setup
My Rappy next to a turbine

. 26lbs vs 12lbs.
Hawk Sport and Pro
Me and AJ finally flying together
New Hawk Pro and Paint Job
Almost completed Hawk Pro
Action shot going into an inverted hover

First inverted howering I did
Stand off
In your face!
Squeeky Clean

Just about to take off for my first forward flight
A.J. hovering it for it's maiden voyage
First flight
Toki 40 with damage

Field Box

I used a box from Fleet Farm. The goal is that everything I need should be in one box. Trays are full of tools and parts. Top area fits my Sullivan starter with 2 8-cell 3600 NiMH battery packs like a glove. Cranks the 90 without even a thought. A little heavy when starting my plane if it doesn't start up right away. I use a Century battery holder which lets me attach my starter shaft on one side and Ni-Starter on the other. The twist on type Ni-Starter fits in the whole better then the clamp style. My Futaba 9CHP radio and Triton charger are a tight fit with the all important frequency checker. I rewired my battery tester that sits in with the starter so it has a 1A load instead of the stock 240mA load for testing the voltage of my Lion Rx packs. The battery tester is actually a combination battery tester and tach for planes. The fleet shows the club Eagle 2 trainer, Twist, Raptor 90, Raptor 50 and night flying gear. All are waiting for the next flying season.
Everything fits snug
Sulivan starter
The fleet


Hanger 9 Twist. 4 stroke OS 91 Surpass II, and a 14x4 prop. Futaba radio and servos. Dual servos for the alerons, each on their own channel. I have flapperons setup, but it's not even necessary. When it's time to land, she comes down fast. -50% expo to tame the controls in high rates, and 48% travel in low rates.
Twist at the field
Twist a little twisted

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