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Never Give Up

Please help me clean my bench!

My Toys
Flying the Tristar is how I paid for all this c...!
The Fleet
The Boat

Individual Heli Pictures
Way too much fun!!
The one that started it all
Raptor 30 V2 in V1 Shark Clothing
Raptor 50, The Workhorse of the Fleet

Raptor 90 Started as a 60
Fury Extreme YS 90
Fury Extreme YS 90
First Flight pic by SENECA

No Trim or Tracking Adjustments Needed
No, I didn't paint the canopy.
Bill at Arizona Heli Did
Awesome Job Bill

Tweak, Tweak
The end of a nearly perfect auto.
One is by Arizona Heli and one by me. Don't get too close. ;-)

Some Of Our Local Pilots
Justin's First Day as a Planker
A little helicopter practice on G2

Joe, Joe, and Tim
Bill And His Sceadu
Joe and Loki, Joe on The Left
Joe and Tim

Joe Hovering
SENECA up close
Tweak, tweak tweak
SENECA starting the Vertol

It Flies
His Own Self
Rick C.

Long Hot Summer
New guys at our pea patch, Mark and Frank
Mark kibitzing Frank and his new R50
L to R Mark, SENECA, Frank & Sergio

This stuff is just too boring
Mike's Piccolo Pro. Very impressive with brushless motor and 2 LiPo cells
New Guy on the Block, Carlos
Bill and Carlos

Newest member of our group, Frank and his lady Alisson. Oh yes, Loki loves to have his picture taken.
Some of our group on a beautiful late November day in SW Florida.
These ladies and their kids came to visit
They left a convenient landing pad

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