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Who is The_Dave?
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As many of you know I am from the Las Vegas valley. I have been flying helicopters for over twenty years now. My first heli was a Kalt Cycolne. It was the original one with the spring plate head. My first radio was a Circus 4 channel airplane radio. For the first year I flew without a gyro, sheesh what a pain! My second machine was a Hirobo Shuttle "white". It was the machine I first got into forward flight. Since then I have owned many,many machines. My biggest leap was when I meet Mike Cingari in Dallas TX. He was a great help and I have learned much from him! Over my carrer I have tought many new pilots how to fly but my greatest success is Alan Szabo Jr.! Man that kid can fly!

The_Dave doing what he likes best...FLYING!
Me Skying out my 400EX!
My Raptor Ranger

U.S.C.G. HH65 Dauphin N2
HH65 Tail Number 6577 movin out!
The 65 in a hover!

Fury 50. I got it free as my son won it for me @ IRCHA West in Bosie! It was Fathers Day!

The_Dave saves Banwidth with his off-line gallery!

HH65 Dauphin N2 Tail Number 6577

Left Side View     Right Side Nose     Left Cockpit Door     HF Antenna & Strain Relief     Fenestron    

Hoist     Right Side Door     Sliding Door & Hatch     Right Looking Forward     Ground Ops    

Nose In Flight     U.S.C.G. Emblem     Over Head Pass     Right Side Hover     Ready for Mission!    

Angel-One Long Ranger,Tail Number N501JB

Left Nose Hover     Nose-On Hover     Me and the Machine     On The Ground     Flying Away!     Rivet Detail    

More Detail     Exhaust     Tail Rotor Detail     Right Side Below     Rotor Head     Ground Ops     Flying Away    

More Coming Soon!

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