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Comparing 120, 135 and 140 degree swash arrangement.

The drawing below has been scaled so the distance from the center of the main shaft to the center of the elevator ball has a base dimension of *1.0000. This is to show comparisons between the typical 120 degree swash a 135 and 140 degrees ball arrangement. As you can see, the 135 degree swash with the opposing aileron balls spaced at *1.0000 will result in a balanced swash, both in the X and Y directions.

- My Flight Line Box -

Century 1/5th Scale Robinson 22HP

74 flights as of 09/23/2007 AM.

Century Hawk Pro with O.S. .37 SZ-H with Toki Muffler.

259 flights as of 10/31/2007 PM.
- Additional Upgrades -

Anti-rotation Bracket CN2208B.
Head Button CN2215B.
6mm Head Axle Thrust Bearing upgrade CN2221 after flight 132.
New O.S. SZ-H.37 after flight 138.
Replaced feathering shaft dampers HI3181 and washout arm set HI3152C (center hub only) after flight 209.

Toki 40 when the rear bearing goes out!

The rear bearing went out after 70 flights.

Toki 40 when the crank shaft breaks!

After adding a new bearing, 68 flights later for a total of 138 flights and 10 gallons of Magnum 20% fuel.


My first flyable helicopter...

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