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"Coop's RunRyder Album"
Goole 2004
Goole 8:00AM
Goole 8:01AM
Goole Pits
DD Up Too Early !!

Goole Pits
Reesy's Fleet
Goole Pits

Goole Clubman 3D 2005
Andy Low Down and Dirty
Dangerous Dick trying to sow seeds !!!
Also in Attendance

My Old Vario Airwolf
Airwolf Primer
Airwolf Primer
Airwolf Primer
Airwolf Primer

The Lady
Nearly Finished
Turbine Exhausts
Scale Fuel Filler

Rossi 65
The Lady @ Goole
In Her Element

Crashed Vario Airwolf

Henseleit 3D NT
DD at it again !!
Thanks DD!!
Just Sunbathing !!!
New Paint by Grant Hood

Beautiful !!!
Nigels NT

Simon's NT
My Stolen NT
New Paint
Bright !!

Shiny New NT Mk4
Shiny New NT Mk4
New NT Mk4
Leg Moving

After the Leg Fell Off
Flybar Collar

My Old Heli's
Kalt Cyclone 50
Old Paint
Dead Rap 50
Old Paint

Rap New Paint
Bit of Vinyl
My Raptor 50
Now That's A Lawn Dart !!

Rap New Paint
Rap New Paint

Around the Fields
DD and MP @ Tyldesley
Chloe and Her Heli
Leeds Line Up
A Bit Closer !!

She'll Never Fly !!
Lymm Line Up
DD and MP @ Tyldesley
DD Inverted "Just for a Change"

Spurry's Bad Luck
Spurry Pre RAF
Very Cold!!
Going Well

Tooo Confident !!

The Family
Our New Bundle of Joy !!

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