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Longline Hook and actuator for sling load operations.
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Closeup with lines loaded. Arm is in the 'hook closed' position.
Brass blade closed on bead chain to hold the load.
Blade open. Magnet attracts chain and holds till blade closes.
Attached with small zip ties fore and aft from screw eye to screw eye.

Underside of actuator carriage lined with suede.
Screw eyes to blocks epoxied in. Slot for servo plug.
There are small brass sheaves sandwiched in each end. The yellow line pulls bomb release in mode 3 to release lines. Lines come up through the eye on the right, through the sheave, then wrap around brass eyelet, then bomb release holds the eyes.

Hawk Sport - with floats

Scale Fuse progress

sling load fun

Trying to target drop
Just released another one
Trying to hook up another one
Got it!

On the way
"Katrina" in the basket
"Rescuing" "Katrina"

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July 20 2014

June 09 2009

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