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May 03 2018
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November 19 2015

My Classic Heli Hauler
1988 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4
1988 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4

2011 Robbe Hughes MD500e Project
Brand New Fabrication for Robbe Gas Conversion
Hughes 500E blueprint
Real Bird and reference

SSM Technik/ Vario 214B Big Lifter Build up
Before- when I bought it used on Scalerchelis
Had to design platform to fit Vario Benzin Mech
My own design. Re enforced with West Expoxy.

There is more than 3.5 feet of Deans wire

Reinforced with West Coast Expoxy
First Brass Solder- They have been re-designed
Collective and Cyclic hand carved out of balsa

All hand fabricated- Parma floor

My Vario Section
Vario Gasser
Vario Front View
Zenoah G230RC with DDM Velocity Stack

ARH Military Bird
The Real Thing
Notice the rubber boot!

Fabricated scale landing skids. Thanks Bob!
Can't see from pics, but it does have NAV lights

All accessories fabricated by hand

Homemade Soldered Wire cutters

Notice the rubber boot!
I enjoyed building this ARH. Looks good in the air!
Coming in for approach

Scale Section
Added more detail, air indicator, vents, lines, desert storm tan color
It was fun making it look different
How it looked like when Emile had it

MH-10 BK-117 Before
OS. 15 CZ

Home Exhaust Stacks seem to work well

Almost finished
Finished MH-10 BK-117
Homemade Wipers

BK-117 waiting 4 mechanics
I love my Bell 222
I wish Eric hadn't sold his Ranger

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