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Quick UK Factory Team Pilot

The V-Max

~~~My and My Wifes Toys~~~
Stripped then stickered with Cali Graphics

Me and my GSP Katana w/OS1.60
My Girl!

Doh! The flat spin that didn't!
3rd place at the
2004 LA 3D Classic
Rampin up for takeoff
Up! Up! and away!

Wife snuck this one! Damn her
Coming in hotter than I care for!
Storage.. Minutes old new paint on the R50
My pair of Rappy's

R50 leaving for its first flight
The Evo
The boys new truck

The new X with OS 91 C-Spec
My R50's new skin
The wifes new heli
Looks like I buy another one!! I won't be caught dead flying this thing

Rappy generations
R 60 maiden flight
The wife hovering away!
Yeah she is off Training Gear.. Now thats concentration!

The new paint job on the R70, No vis prob on this one
The twin's.. My buddy Rob's R30 with my R70
A new line-up of the Rappy Fleet
My radio box

I ordered two of these with matching fins from AZ Helis
Bling Bling Blink as you can get


New Twin Blues

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