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HHF - Harlington Heli Flyers
On Trex SE

Fury 60 Expert
abit of bling for the head!

open tail with tempest control arm
fury sr. and fury jr.
canopy strip tease!

checkout that shine!
and heres my fury on reflex XTR-cheers rob!

new paint scheme idea
in xtr
and here it is in reality!!!
arizona heli does it again!

The Ultimate Micro Heli! - Align Trex SE
trying colour scheme out

My Other Micros!

getting the piccolo pro ready for some 3d action!
nice and stable handling when inverted

fast inverted fly by
just my baby and i!
...and to finish my routine, an inverted blade stop auto...only joking!
a mini me hornet 2!

366g-hmmm...too much bling i reckon!

My Eco8 Bo-105s scale model

a flaired landing

3D Masters
3d masters 2003-master winner jason krause and i
3d masters 2004-master winner curtis youngblood and i
3d masters 2004-curtis's jr vibe 90

My Flying Club - The Little Harlington Flying Club

Indoor flying
heres our bob with a quick reminder hes still god of heli's!
roger and bob of skyline models
heli area of twickenham indoor flying
planes area of twickenham indoor flying

big turn out!
rob flying plank!
potters bar indoor flying-BIG hall!

Down On the Deck!

my original trex @ twickenham

M8's Helis
RS laying the smack down!
RS smokin a heli!
paul is smokin too!
paul 3ding his zoom

igor's piccolo

Night Flying
HHF night helis
dark pits!
my rap 50 ready to go
pauls rap 50

Reflex XTR Flight Simulator
my new colour scheme for my helis
purple screen? hmmm...

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