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Raptor 90 STD with Quick UK Head.

  • OS 91 SZ Pumped Engine
  • Futaba 601 Gyro
  • Rev Max RPM Limiter
  • 9253 Throttle Servo
  • 9251 Tail Servo
  • Futaba 9252's on Cyclic
  • Futaba R138DP 8-Channel Rx
  • 710 Radix Blades
  • Quick UK Head
  • Quick UK One Way Bearing
  • 95mm V Paddles
  • VMax Conversion
Raptor 90 Pics.
Me Practising Tic Tocs.
(From left to right) Darren, Andy and Myself hovering inverted.
My Rappy 90 inverted.
My Rappy 90 inverted again...

Me fiddling with Radio Setup for Rappy 90
Just had to pose before it was in pieces...
Getting ready for an idle run (blades were not here yet)
Quick UK Prototype one way bearing

New Home Painted Raptor Canopy
Fury Extreme Canopy on Raptor 90

Misc Pics.
Fury Extreme
Blurry Sceadu Evo 50
A Cold Day At The Field
My Sceadu Before Quick UK

Sceadu On The Deck
Fury Extreme
Fury Extreme
Fury Extreme Inverted

My First Inverted Hover
Sceadu Evo 50

A Rainy Day

Modelling the JR Vibe

Final Vibe with Radix Blades
Final Vibe with V Blades

Modelling the Carbon Xtreme Aurora Ultimate

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