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Homemade 3D Pictures ANAGLYPH (red/cyan)
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I know the pictures aren't perfect, but I'm still trying to master it. My Canopy is a little damaged but she still flys. =) In order to view these, you need Red and Cyan glasses. The red and blue won't work because blue is too blue. =) I think I'm going to just make these in black and white. They look better to me that way.

Apache in Flight
Old Picture Needs Updating
ECO 8 Fun Flying
ECO 8 w/Darths Bell 222 fuselage

Genesis .46 1/8 Monster Truck
RC Card Apache and RC Tank
ME with my Genesis .46

Tiger 50

ECO 8 and Tiger 50 (Different Canopy)


Ok, I've been doing some tweaking on this thing and it flys pretty well now. I took off those heavy @$$ flybar weights and put some Piccolo flybar paddles on there. I'm thinking about just getting some of the lightened blue flybar weights to use instead of the Piccolo paddles. My main upgrade that I have to do next is to get a good tail hub and grips for it. I don't want a lot of bling, but I do like the smoothness of the aluminum ball raced hub and blade grips.
  ECO 8 MODS and Upgrades
ECO 8 Blades
ECO 8 Before 1

ECO 8 Before 2
Stock Fins
FALL OF A HERO - This ECO has gotten me through some tough times.

I call this my Castle MOD It's so I can quickly change my settings on my ESC without having to pull out my RX

Now when I get Lithiums, I can use my Laptop to change my settings depending on the batteries I use.
I wish I had a blue Fan for the top of my Mega. =) I guess I could paint it Matallic Blue.
The Rebirth

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