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deckerv's money pit :-)
Just my little ones and I, more pics to come with my new family too! :)
My wife and my girls :)
My mentor, my inspiration to fly like I do.. may the force be with you :) See.. he uses Futaba too!!

My old heli, The Raptor 30
Raptor 30 with many aftermarket upgrades. Futaba GY502 with S9253, V-Blades(now), and almost purple everything (now)!!
Just another view of the same Raptor.. KSJ paddles, KSJ tail blades, OS 32, weston high nitro pipe
Paintjob by Colin's Copters (CanopyFX partner) before I got it.. NICE WORK!!!!!!!
Tons of Quick metal upgrades for the head unit. Thank God for JB Weld.. saved this frame since the area where the mounting post fastens to the frame broke... That stuff rocks!!

Quick purple tail grips

My primary heli, The Trex 700 LE

Assorted other pics
Aerojet Composite Models Whiplash in the Can-Am scheme. They advertise this as a 200mph+ plane, but I'm expecting more like 190ish. I have a Jett BSE 50 FIRE with pipe for it. It has flown now, just not at the time of this pic.. PM me if you have any questions on it. It's really AWESOME!
My first chopper that I actually flew.. a Nexus 30. Had NHP Razor pro's 530mm (not in picture), KSJ paddles, lots of Concept upgrades to help take some slop out. Actually flew nice...Even a fiberglass canopy
close up view of the nexus before I sold it.
John Tucker from our club.. now that's a scale heli!

Stuff for sale

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