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gt900uk's gallery

GT900UK's Gallery
Raptor 50 V2, Quick UK Head, CX Dampeners, MP2, SAB Blades And Many Quick UK Goodies!
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The Story Starts Here

Where's That Training Gear Gone

Nose In....The Training Gear Is Back

Getting Better Now The Training Gear Is Banished To The Attic

Some Nice Pics

Wow I Can Do Inverted Now!

The Bling Story So Far
Is That A Metal Head I See Before Me
New Decal Set...To Much Stick About The Pink Ones
The MP2 Makes An Apperance..Made Quite A Difference To The TT50 Too
Full Metal Jacket...Well Head Anyway With Carbon Mains And Tails

Quick UK Carbon Fins And Some Other Unseen Quick UK Goodies Magically Appear!!
Another New Decal Scheme
Quick UK Head

New FRP Canopy Painted By Me!!

Zoom 400 With Himax 2025-4200Kv -SOLD

Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50

The Crashes
Crystal Came Out Receiver
Not To Good At Nose In Yet, Damn My Thumbs
Of Course The Pitch Servo Is Working The Right Way Dummy!!

That ground wasnt there befoe

The Others




At The Field

Of Course I Know What Im Doing.....Honest!!


Misc Stuff
Oop's A Tad On The Lean Side Perhaps :D


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May 15 2005

March 01 2005

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