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Raptor 60 Pics
R60 - Left side canopy

R60 - Front shot
R60 - Side shot
R60 -
R60 - Right back side

R60 - Carbon Fiber canopy (Imitation but it looks good) 1-24-05
R60 - Right side
R60 - Left side
R60 - Stock tail - Carbon Fin(s)

R60 -
R60 - Carbon Fin(s)
R60 - Stock rotor head
R60 - Bare-bones, waiting for its guts

Funky 680mm "Hurricane" blades - SILVER
I love my radio!

new pics 3/28/05

R60's first wipe-out
R60 - Interesting bend. I would figure it would bend like an S not a U
R60 - Broken flybar pitch ring
R60 - Ouch! Overall crash damage. Not tooooo bad but bad enough :(
R60 - Very Uncomforting to see this much LEAD sticking out

R60 - Another shot of crash damage
R60 - BAD 537's! Aileron 537 died in flight. Changed all 537's for DS811's
R60 - Not the best time to take a pic. @!#$%!! #$%^&!! ^*@#!!!
R60 - Tail pitch arm split in two

R60 - Torn boom ... Must have hurt!

My brother's Caliber 30 (OreO-27 - 11 yrs old)
OreO-27 - Im very proud of him!
Training gear was removed after 2nd tank

Caliber - CCPM setup - GY401

Caliber - Stock head
Caliber - Tail servo - Futaba 9253
Caliber - Side shot 1
Caliber - Side shot 2

Caliber - O.S. 32 SX - Good strong engine
Caliber - GY401 setup
Caliber - Stock tail - Notice how much weight was needed to balance tail!
Caliber - Flight testing

Caliber -
Caliber -
Caliber - Good wire management
Caliber - Seems that this is a fault with ALL stock Calibers

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