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The Fleet
Sweet AF Canopy
painted by Arizona Heli
The Raptor Fleet

Rob_K takes some awesome pictures
Credit Rob_K
I think its time for some new blades
The T-Rex got in on the Blade Scraping action!

The Raptor flying at
13,000ft on Pikes Peak
Another picture from Pikes Peak
T-Rex at Night

Setting Up
The Helo guys setting up
The Flight Line
Larry's Turbine Helo

Jetranger from the Fun-Fly
Inverted on the asphalt
Credit: Rob_K
Jack's Raptor 70

Visitors to USAFA
Huey from Minot
AFB on final
Cool pic with Chapel in background

Old School Cockpit
MH-53M on final
C-5B, we did not beat Utah
Pavelow and a Pavehawk on display

MH-53M, F-105D, and HH-60G on the T-Zo
Strikin' a pose
Pavehawk taking off
Pavelow taking off

CV-22 Osprey
CV-22 Meet and Greet

Chillin' out on the water
Sweet storm coming over the Rockies
We have lovely
winters in colorado
Pikes Peak

When you can't fly, Snowboard!
Keystone, CO

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