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August 26 2013

My Current Heli's
2012 Fleet
Logo 800 Xxtreme
Henseleit TDR with Fusuno Future Canopy
Henseleit TDR With custom lightning Canopy

TDR Inverted
Logo 600 new canopy
Logo 600 FBL
Logo 600 FBL

Logo 500 FBL

My Previous Heli's(Newest First)
Logo 400 V-bar
Logo 500 Night Flyer
Logo 600SE Kaos
Logo 600SE minus canopy

Logo 700 Flybarless
Logo 14 10S
T-Rex 450 SE V2
Henseleit 3DMP

Ali framed T-Rex 600
T-Rex 600 (new canopy)

Dyna-X Electric
Milly 2 Carbon with
Dyna X Upgrades
Milly 2 Prior to Take Off
Milly 2 Carbon Set
Up For Night Flying

QWW Sweet 16 V2 just needs painting
QWW Sweet 16 V2 After paint
Gaui Hurricane (not owned for long)
T-Rex SE
Stock Everything

QWW Sweet 16 V1
ready for Take Off
QWW Sweet 16 V1
First Flight
QWW Sweet 16 V1 Airbourne
T-Rex X/XL
With Upgrades

3DNT just after paint job
3DNT Hovering
3DNT Inverted
3DNT Without Canopy

Raptor 90 with
TDG Head
Hirobo Freya (only owned it for a short time)
Robbe Eolo Pro
Robbe Millenium 2
Metal Sideframe Version

X-Cell SE
with Webra 90
X-Cell SE and Custom
On the Ground
X-Cell inverted for Newspaper Shot
X-Cell 60 Custom

Bergen 60 (Foreground)
X-Cell 60 (background)
Another Space Baron I owned
One of my all time favorites
Baron 30 (replacement for Space

Futura Mk1 (With Fus), Schluter Scout,
Kalt Space Baron

Other Peoples Heli
9 Logos together at the field Jun 2010
Russ's Logo 500 V-Bar
John Billington's Rappy 50
Richard Fletchers
Vario Huey

Richards Huey
Infront of DC3
Huey infront of
My Fire Station
Matt Lodge's Vibe (Nice)
Richard Morris's
Vario Schweitzer

Richard Morris's Vario
Turbine Hughes 500
Another Shot of
The Hughes 500
Richard Morris's
Vario R22
Ken Gales
Vario Twin Star

Century R22
Built by Me

Modifications etc
RJX Tail parts fitted to a Logo 700
RJX Head on Logo 700
3DMP rear Servo mod
Using Rappy 60/90 parts
Picture 1
3DMP rear Servo mod
Using Rappy 60/90 parts
Picture 2

3DMP rear Servo mod
Using Rappy 60/90 parts
Picture 3
Dyna-x Electric conversion
Dyna-x Electric conversion

My Planks
Het F-15 EDF
My Electric Cemark Banchee E-3D
Limbo Dancer (sold)
Domino Bi-Plane (sold)

Unknown delta (sold)
Ripmax Easy Street (sold)

Todays Youth
Learn to Fly

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