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Photo by Amy Botos
Photo by Mark Fadely
Photo by Bijan Salehi

My Retired But Trusty Sceadu(s). Not my first helis but I liked them.
Yes you can fly the skids off
Skid stops are for wussies
How to get rid of used fuel jugs 1) catch the jug on skid
2) take it way up

3) drop it off and let nature take care of it
Here comes speed racer. Thanks to Mark Fadely for the pic.

The Pros (That I took photos of). I hardly bring a camera anymore because the events are so well covered.
Mark Fadely
Mark needed to remove some flash
Yep, that looks better
Nir Miri (center/rear), Henery Caldwell (right)

Matt Botos
Doug Trent
Dr. Tim
Bob Harris

Darrell Sprayberry
John Zankel

My first scale project.

This is from a Len Mount Huey kit that I got from Starwood Models. I had no idea who Al or Tim were when I started it but I'm exceedingly happy they were my first intro into scale.
Still, maybe I have too much free time

My second scale project.

In progress. Aren't they always.
This hub is modeled after the original Starwood Odyssey v4 but I wanted a different dampening setup for test purposes so I made this one. The original works great but I bought the Ody for the purpose of being a test bed and I am constantly screwing with it.
Machining some parts for my custom mechanics.
Inspection of Vario Tail rotor gears. I was warned these could fail after a few seasons so I'd been on the lookout. Special thanks to Len Mount for the indirect heads up.
Caught before it could do any damage. These gears are good for a 60 but their lifespan shrinks as you go bigger and depending on flying style. If you accept that, then they are fine. But Len lost two nice models.

This is a flybar failure on the Vario R22 style rotor head. This bullet did get me. I think the design of the head helps create the failure and certainly helps the destruction when the failure occurs (grip linked to the flybar). It did prod me into scratch building my own gearboxes and rotorheads as I don't think I could do worse.
I made a one-way that doesn't crack for my Sceadu. It sticks and locks up instead argh! Fortunately Hirobo introduced a sprag style shortly afterwards and I scrapped this.

TMoore's Hatori Mount (works great)
I made this dial Indicator base to fit to Hirobo engine mounts.

Other stuff
I liked these ads and made several spoofs for no real reason.
Havoc attack helicopter.

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