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Steve's Spectra-G

Bob's Century Predator
Master of the sky!

Miniature Aircraft Spectra-G
From Concept in Photoshop
To Prototype
Cut-down Century Predator pinion gear on milled adapter hub.
Can't wait to finish this project.

Spectra-G Generator Project:
The idea originated from wanting to put a 16 oz fuel tank on my Spectra-G, and mount it in the rear to make it visible in flight. The first step was to spin the engine around. This allowed enough room for a standard 16 oz fuel tank from Nalgene. But the standard throttle servo bracket interfered with the tank by about 1/4". Also the throttle linkage was shortened for the standard rear-facing engine installation. So I milled a throttle bracket to address both problems. The tank now comfortably fits behind the engine and nearly inline with the mainshaft. The design of a generator bracket was next. The holes in the upper and lower brackets are slotted to facilitate proper gear lash adjustment. The base mount uses existing holes in the frame and have 8mm rails tapped to receive the upper and lower bracket bolts. I milled a hub to carry the cut-down Century Predator pinion gear which will be epoxied together. The upper bearing has a thin washer to ensure that the outer race does not contact the pinion. The upper bearing is fastened to the upper bracket with green Loctite in a snugly cut hole.

The next step is to mill a mount for the backside of the rear "A" frame. It will carry a 1500mah battery, power switch, rectifiers, regulator, and provide for a rear mount for a heat shield for the muffler/fuel tank proximity. With the tank centered in the frame there is only about 1/2" of space between the Hatori muffler and fuel tank.

Check back for more pictures showing the fuel tank and throttle servo installations.
My Bergen Intrepid

Before the original T.R. gears hacked up their guts.
Before losing the original Bergen T.R. gears.
Awesome in flight.

And after I installed Century Predator Tailboom & Gearbox.
Note how well the Bergen parts work on the Predator Gearbox - Perfect fit!
See more closeups below.
New Century Predator Extended Tailboom
New Century Predator TR Gearbox
Custom Milled Coupling on front to adapt Century to Bergen

Lost my Bergen Intrepid's tail rotor gears doing some easy 540 stall turns - only 5 flights old - gear lash was setup by Chris B. himself
Cheesy little delrin gears.
These were set up by Chris B.
I checked these gears before every flight - didn't matter in the end.

The Tailboom & Gearbox mods are below:
Since the T.R. gear failure, I have replaced the tail boom, T.R. transmission & torque tube with Century Predator parts. I milled out a new delrin coupling to fit the Predator torque tube. The original Bergen bell cranks, pitch plate, hub & grips were reinstalled. They all fit perfectly and operate smooth as silk with the Predator T.R. gear box. Century has a much more robust and trouble-free set of gears, so I used them, and they perform great! I used the extended (Predator gasser) tail boom and got the extra long torque tube which had to be cut down a couple of inches. The overall result was a tail boom about the same length as the original Bergen tail boom. (not the EB variety)

Awsome replacement parts
Great performance

Original (Expensive) Bergen Intrepid Gear & Hub
Original crown gear has screws pass through aluminum hub and tighten into delrin crown gear.

Predator ($18.95/each) Gear & My Home-Milled Hub
New home-milled crown gear hub for Century Predator part.
Fixed excessive play with new crown gear hub too.
Trimmed bottom of transmission housing under front bearing to clear shallow Century Predator crown gear.

Bolts pass through delrin gear, Loctite to hub & topped off with nylocks.
Eliminated excessive end play on output shaft with new home-milled delrin coupling.
New black delrin coupling fits Century Predator torque tube dog-bone.

Crazy Steve on a good day.

In your FACE!

Jeez! Maybe if I threaten it, it'll do what I want it to??? . . . DOH!!!

Almost lost my Fury when the Gyro came loose - not gonna happen with my home-milled gyro platform!
Snug as a bug in a rug.
Don't safety strap the gyro without padding.

Vario Benzin Trainer - 3 Servo CCPM Mod.
Improved alignment of pushrods.
Note servo tray modification.

Fury & T-Rex Sold

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