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August 30 2015
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Motorhome project

Jennifer and her Sceadu Video

Sun and Fun 2013 pics
Rob and his Mosquito Turbine
Paul landing
Paul and the Mosquito Air


Hodges Hobbies Nov 2012
Hodges Hobbies
The Wind Sock
Stingley Setup
Buddy Curtis

Buddy Curtis inspired Boogie Board! Throttle,Rudder,and a Heading Hold Gyro
The Showtime

Welcome to my RunRyder gallery
Click to see! A bad day!
Beautiful sunset, ending a great day!

Fun Pics
Bob Hibbs
Heli Friends 10/05
Hirobo Lama

Shock Flyer for hovering canopy
Fun Fly Airplane
Bob, JDADD, Larry and Mark

Some Awesome Pics of 2003

Some Top Fun in Sanford, April 2004
David McGirt's Bell 412 mechanics
Len Mount's Kiowa 58D Turbine
Doug Bruns G47
Greg McNair's 300

Shelly Smith's BK117
Jennifer and Tigger's Achievement
Tigger himself

Sun and Fun 2004

Misc fleet since I started the hobby
Hirobo Lama
Jet Ranger w/ ZXX mechanics
Inverted Shuttle
Tigger on Floats

Goofy's Hirobo 300 w/ floats
Aerobatic Shuttle
Sceadu 30

Sceadu 30
CP Hornet

Sceadu Line up
Jennifer and her Sceadu
Newest EVO

[img] /gallery/1616/grafx_0015.jpg [desc] Evo 50 heli

Some friends I've flown with
Rick and Ursula
Becky Gerstein
SENECA himself
Don and his Hornet

Bruce, Jennifer and Buddy
Bob Hibbs

Rick,John,JDADD,Frank,SENECA,Ole what's his name,and CapeBob
My support team!
Dad and his Ergo
Dad Inverted
Cool Buddy

My support for the F3C team
F3C Team Sceadu
F3C Sceadu

USA 3D Freestyle Championships

Begin Include Unscripted
August 03 2005

March 06 2005

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