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The silence often, of pure innocence persuades, when speaking fails
New Toys
About DAMN time...
Great day of flying... also falls under "about damn time" heading
About damn time somebody put some vibration dampening inside the reciever. This is a Hitec QPCM reciever
The first molded kevlar part (hell first molded part ever made out of a real mold) I have made. It is a turret for a german K-class cruiser model, blemishes and all I am proud of it.

More non-heli kevlar stuff
More non-heli kevlar stuff. Once I get better at this, I plan on making some kevlar stuff for my heli

X-cell SE YS 80

my third x-cell ship, a SE minus the metal grips currently set up at 8.45 to 1 (93 tooth main, 11 tooth pinion) ratio with ys80... hot damn!. Can you say Raped APE!
And now for some more recent SE pictures

Check out these two KICK ASS canopies from Whirlwind!!

My beater canopy, brush painted with 50% nitro proof waterbased polyurethane

Sceadu 50
The old color Scheme, otherwise known as stock
me starting the scoob
This is what the Parent's get when they ask for a picture of me with my helicopter
Left Side

Right Side
Power Switch

ORRO Pictures

Rochester Fun Fly 2003

Flying Sites that I have visited
Columbia Park, Kennewick Washington
Gonzaga University, Spokane Soccer Field
VA hospital Soccer Complex, Spokane, Washington
Rochester MN R/C field

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