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"Andrew_S's Gallery"
A few planes and helis

The only way to fly

My rappy 50
raptor vs. hawk

My rappy 2
My rappy 30
My rappy about to eat some hawk...

Need's some salt !!!!
Where's that hawk??
America's most wanted
Another shot of the bird

Pretty bird
Don's extra
Mac Hodges b29 at Joe Nall

Matt Chapman's new colors
A Thunderbolt at the Nall

My old giles
Another shot of my old giles

Don, aka we todd it
Don's old edge

Don's edge

My 50 and Trae's 60
Trae's rappy 60

My little cap
Jimmy's poor little bipe
My 50

Me and my Cap
Look out below
Watchin the action

Doin a popup
Knifeedge pass
Close view of Don's edge
My cap cockpit

Me about to fire up the zdz 80.
Me hovering
Me doing a waterfall
waterfall again

flipping on around
Me again
It was about to get away
A different cap

Me again
My rappy 30
My 30
My old hawk, r.i.p.

Bill's cap
Me and my cap
Lee's hawk spoolin up
Me trying to start my pt 19

Don's nice landing

My cap
taxing out
Lee's hawk climbing for the sky
Elevator landing

Cap tail
Lee's hawk flying him !!
He survived?
Raptor 50 servo wrong

raptor 50 servo right
rappy set up
rappy set up
rappy set up

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