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Rafael23cc's Gallery
Welcome to my Gallery

Welcome to Rafael23CC's Gallery

Welcome to my gallery, Here I will post interesting pictures and sometimes I'll have Stuff for sale. Feel free to send me a message regarding any of the pictures you see here.
15th Annual Central Kansas Heli Fun Fly

Bergen Conversion for XCell to gasser

1st Annual Central Plains E-Fly Spectacular Dec 12-14, 2008

My New Toy - Suzuki Boulevard M109R "Limited Edition"
Driving this thing is almost as much fun as flying helis.
It's awesome!

42% Scale Nemesis Racing Airplane

A day at Clearview Field:

Some of my heli photos:
Lizzie and I surrounded by some dreams. Maybe one of them will come true someday.
My Raptor 60, OS70, 680 blades
My Raptor 30, Completely stock
Another shot of the R30

My Raptor 70 next to Learjetcb's Predator 60

Milford RCers Fun Fly 2005
Cortez Jenkins and Son concentrating on the flight.
CJ Jr. getting ready for another flight.
Even the Pros have their bad days. CJ Jr. lost tail rotor control during a piro-flip. I was told that it was his first crash ever.
Scott Glasgow Team JR.

Curtis Bjerke a great local pilot.
Toby Viles picks up a hoop with his Predator.
It is harder than it looks.
The best part of any fun fly, being able to listen to experienced pilots and take their advice.

Some of the people that showed up during the day to see us fly.
A big thank you go to the club members that ran the concession stand during the weekend, a bigger one to my wife, Lizzie, to the right, behind the soda machine..
Davin Chevalier went home with the Hummingbird V-3.
Toby Viles receives the Flight Data Recorder during the Saturday night dinner.

The Scale Guys are not too far behind these days.

My job In Iraq; April '03 to April '04
Here are a couple of photos of our equipment in Iraq
Emergency Services Hummer, Fire Fighter
Another side of the fire truck
Another view of the Hummers

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