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July 16 2019
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Blast From the Past Eco 7 In Jetranger Foam Fuse 35 Meg

January to April 2017 A return of my Original Jetcat Hotcat

This model was around in the late 90's early 2000 this particular machine was resurrected following a crash, rebuilt when I sold my first Turbine EC135 in exchange for this machine, it is a great pod and boom turbine trainer using the JET PHT3 single stage turbine. I sold it back in 2006 and it has now come back to me. I have spent the past few months in between work stripping it down and rebuilding. It needed 2 new fuel tanks as the others had cracked around the inlet nipples, also needed a couple of other bits. I put back the Quick UK Raptor 90SE metal head, this required re jigging the servos and changing the swash plate as the Quick Swash is 90 degrees.

2016 back to 2002 when I started.

Back into Miniature Aircraft with a New Stratus.

Dec 2014 to March 2015 New Project for 2015 Trex 700E Vario Large Jetranger

Shortening the boom and fixing back.

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