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Quick UK!

Spectra G

Spectra G
Up Side Down
Yokota Field
The Team

In Flight
Check out the shiney new stuff
Money Shot

Money Shot 2
Right Side Mechanics
Left Side Mechanics
The other side of my workshop

Closeup Left
Closeup Right
Have to have some pics before you fly it!
Have to have some pics before you fly it! 2

Have to have some pics before you fly it! 3

Hirobo Money Shot
The Spec and Field Gear
In Flight 1
In Flight 2

In Flight 3
In Flight 4
In Flight 5
The Shop

Very Bored Wife
Maiden 2
Maiden 3

Maiden 4
Maiden 5

Old Helis
1996 X-Cell 60 with AZ Canopy
Hornet II
Raptor 50

Raptor 50 on the bench
Raptor 50 Up Side Down
Freya 90 in Flight
Freya 90 with Cheesy Free Blades

Freya 90 Up Close
Freya 90 Up Close 2

Plank and Other Stuff
Kyosho HOR
Nuova Faor SF501
Japanese Jake Seaplane Sunk in Palau
Home Made Shocky

Flip 3d
A buddy and I built this in MY house
This stupid pic doesn't do the X-Spec Justice
The Dysfunction

Kirara Gyrocopter
The Bench
Morris "The Knife"
My Favorite Plane - Extreme Flight Yak 55spE

Weekend Trip

Wall Paper and Junk From RR Posts


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