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3D Masters 2004 - (c) Richard Ophof
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We just came back from this year's biggest 3D event. It was absolutely great and we had a blast! Curtis (1st) and Alan (2nd) raised the bar once more, simply incredible performance. Duncan Osbourne (3rd) flew excellent too, only 16 years of age! Danny Szabo will join his brother Alan in next year's 3D masters, Danny was the winner in the Expert class. Bob Johnston's turbine Cuatro was tearing up the sky and saturday night Alan Szabo flew chaos with this machine, he made it look so easy! A little Hornet II was chasing the big turbine chopper , very funny to watch. Of course after sunset, the pilots didnt quit flying, they just used their night flying outfit. Both friday and saturday night Jan Henseleit performed a very spectacular demo flight with his electric Three Dee MP. Enjoy the photos! More photos to come in the next days...
Delegation from the Netherlands thinking "How did he do that?"
a Blurry picture of Scott's Vigor SGP, hmm RIP?
The twins, and yes they love choppers!
Very nice location to fly

Did anybody see my chopper??
Is this guy in the Expert or Master class?
The man and his machine...
Will this be the long awaited CX??

Danny Szabo getting ready for action
Crashing suckz, although he rarely crashes......
Scott's Vigor SGP with smoke system
Scott Gray

Holy smoke! His own smoke generator inside!
Steve McFall (Team Bob00) flying X-spec
Steve McFall's Hirobo Freya X-spec
Steve McFall restarting his X-spec after it bogged down on the field

Peter Novotny checking the blade bolts
Bob's Turbine Cuatro in action
For those who like to cut trees...
Curtis and Anthony

Curtis and Alan
Peter Novotny and his MS Composit team surrounded by very nice girls
This lady cuts the grafix stickers by hand!

Bravo's rotorhead
Friday morning, time for the briefing
Alan Szabo getting ready for some chaos!
Mark Ryder himself talking to Curtis

Bob Johnston starting up the turbine Cuatro
Curtis with Vigor
In a world of chaos, she can help !
Kazuya Yamaguchi preparing his Bravo 90 (TT Raptor)

Alan Szabo flying
Alan Szabo's TT 90 Raptors
Tornado 3D

F3C 2004 RLC- (c) Richard Ophof

The last round of this year's Dutch F3C championship was held at the RLC flying club in Steenbergen.

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