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Century Hummingbird v2
Hummingbird with Airtronics RD6000
Another shot with radio
Century Hummingbird v2
Left Closeup

Right Closeup
Rear Closeup

Raptor 30v2 - First Build
Fresh out of the box

The Mini "Fleet"
R30v2 & Hummingbird

Graphics Upgrade:
Before: Damn, never knew how plain those decals looked!
After: "Flaming Raptor" from "Hobbies-n-Stuff"

I'm finally going to break down and buy an airbrush set and add some color to the bottom of the canopy. I've been having orientation problems at reasonable distances, and I figure if I add some more contrast to the bottom it should help. What I'm hoping to do is to do a fade from the same color orange of the flames on the sides down to a bright yellow on the very bottom of the canopy. I'm hoping it will turn out looking ok. I'm not much of an artist, but I'm sure I can practice a little and figure it out! :)
OK, now's my chance to upgrade to that Raptor 50 I always wanted:

Always bring a trash bag and an empty box with you when you fly!

Click here to see the dead bird...

Interesting Pictures
Inside the Mavrikk MVPV0102 muffler (Post Crash)
Another angle on the muffler
This crack happened for no reason at all - it just appeared one day
Boom antenna attachment

Used the tip of a servo arm and a piece of scrap plastic from the canopy

Remote Glow Extension Reliability Fix

A lot of people complain that the supplied TT glow extension breaks after a very short while. My solution was to solder the wire back on to the long "stub" that remained on the backside of the glow connector. I made the solder joint up very close to the bracket. I wrapped the wire around the "stub" and put two pieces of heat shrink tubing to hold the wire firmly against the "stub." What I found, was that the vibration of the wire kept breaking the solder joint in the original configuration and by soldering further up towards the bracket and then using heat shrink tubing, the long stub serves as a support. Now, when the wire vibrates it doesn't put any stress on the solder joint or any single point on the wire itself. After making this modification, I have flown well over 50 times and I've not had a single problem with the wire breaking. Highly recommended!
Some Field Equipment
SuperNova 250S using a PC power supply as a 12 VDC Source
Duratrax ICE - I LOVE this charger (I just wish it would do lead-acid)
Complete with bug repellent!

Accu-Glo mkII Power Panel

Amazingly, the 7.5A fuse on the mkII panel is only for the internal electronics. There is a straight connection between the battery and the jacks for the starter/charger connectors. Talk about an accident waiting to happen! Note that I mounted a panel mount fuse in-line between the battery and the and positive lead feeding the power panel.
Vario blade pitch gauge (uses bubble for leveling)
This is one of the best gauges in my opinion
You shouldn't fly without setting up with one of these first!

Miscellaneous Photos
Pimped Out Case
Cover off
Another perspective
A place to be lazy when not flying...

Lot's of money in there!

Some Other Ways to Spend Cash:
2001 Yamaha YZF-R6 Sometimes attracts more unwanted attention than heli's!
Kimber Custom II .45 & Browning Buckmark .22
Glock Model 23 .40 & Ruger P89 9mm

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