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I have officially retired from this great hobby in July 2006, I enjoyed many years of pure fun and passion.
Keep flying guys and have fun !

Voyager 50 with Vigor 60 Head
Vigor 60 Head
Vigor 60 Head
Vigor 60 Head
Voyager 50 Head

Robinson R44 flight
Take off
300 ft
Zoom 10x
No zoom

1200 ft
Vertical shot
Montmagny City

110 Mph
400 ft

More airial shots

Test flight
Vibrations !?!
Test Flight
Camera Mount V5
Lift Off

Flight with CameraMount V5
V50 with CameraMount 5
Watch those power lines
Provincial Cops
April, Grass still yellow  556k WMV Airial Video Canon Pro1
Bent spindle

JR IMZ 50 engine after 5 gallons

Home made Camera Mount
Version 1, Test
Version 2, 4.9 lbs
Version 3, 4.8 lbs
Version 4, too heavy

Version 5, 3.8 lbs
Version 6

Sample Aerial Pictures with a HP935 5MP
Getting airborne
Big project

Local Club
Off-Road track
Off-Road track

Sample Goverment
Sample Industrial
Sample Hospital
Sample House

PHTQ Provincial Funfly, Quebec, Canada

This was the 1st try with both cameras ( Video and Still )

June 12th 2004, 1st attempt at Aerial photography

Jr Voyager 50 with IMZ 50 GY401 600mm NHP Blades

The JR Voyager 50 is a great flyer even in its stock setup, I actually run -11/+11 in all modes, the IMZ 50 engine with pipe is powerful and quiet compared to my OS60 (below). I added a dual brace boom support and installated the GY401 in the back. Very agile helicopter, I like it alot !
Still new, only 8 tanks !
Next to the Vigor

Inverted lower
Practicing Tic Tocs
Yep, its me !

Jr Vigor OS.60 GY401 680mm NHP Blades
Me and Scott Gray, an amazing pilot
Posing in house
Vigor getting ready
Vigor in flight

Jr Voyager E Brushless 12 cells
My 1st heli

Reflex XTR
Sample Picture
Helicam like heli for XTR

RFG2 Files  576k
Misc Pictures
T-Maxx tried to jump over a Raptor
Funny tray !
26 March 2005
They fly 3D !

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