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My fisrt R/C Heli
Let the addiction begin!
A couple weeks later? Yep, Raptor 30
That's Andysan offering tips
Did I drop something?
3 Days later
No more training gear!

After my first boomstrike
Resurrected as a 50
Ditched that "Clorox Bottle"
While I was at it
That's me
Here's our
Field Mascot

New to this hobby in May 2003
I was down at the hobby shop picking up a part for a nitro car.
I saw this Hummingbird and asked for a "demo" - That's it, I was screwed!
Currently up to 16 Helis(!) I NEED HELP!!!
Guess I should learn to fly better.....

Family photo
OK Nitros in Back
Electrics in front
Say Cheese!
Nitros only
This time
Heli #1
Century Hummingbird
Learned to "fly" on this
All stock
All dead!

Heli #2
TT Raptor 50
OS 50, Hatori Pipe
Started life as a 30
First Nitro Heli
Heli #3
Century Hummingbird
370 Motor Upgrade
First Paint Job
Bought to replace
Hummingbird #1
Heli #4
Century Airwolf
Hawk 4 Mech's
TT 39R
Heli Lites
Heli #5
Ikarus Piccolo Pro
410, Piccoboard Pro
MA Carbon Blades

Heli #6
JR Voyager E
Stock 540 and ESC
6 8-cell Packs
Yep, another
Century Hummingbird
370 motor
This one flies best
Heli #8
JR Venture CP
OS 32, Hatori Pipe
I bought this UGLY
POS used for all
the goodies inside

Heli #9
Hirobo Lama ES315B
Shuttle Plus Mechs
OS32 Hirobo Pipe
Exterior and Instrument LIghting

Crap! Another one of
these stupid Piccolos!
How'd I get suckered into
2 of these things?
OK, I know
I'm stupid!
It is cute though....
This one has a
GY240 in it
Heli #12
Robbe Nova Cuatro
A.K.A. "BFH"
OS 91 C-spec
Hatori SB 16
NHP 800mm R-Pros
Heli #13
Hirobo Freya
YS 91, MP 2
GY601/9251 and GV-1

Heli #14
Bell Jet Ranger
King Co. Sheriff's
Shuttle + Mechs
OS32 GY401/9253
Picked up from
FitenFyr (Thanks Jason!)
Heli #15
Hirobo Evo 50
OS 50, Mavrikk Pipe
Mavrikk Carbon 600s
Mr. Carbon Fins
Metal Yoke
Anodized Tail Rotor
No electronics yet
Heli #16
Century Twinstar
Hawk SE Scale Mech's
No Electronics or
engine yet.
Scale details in progress.

That's Mt. Rainier
in the background
Can you tell I like Yellow?
Playing with the
Voyager in

There I am with
that Venture
on December 22

Somehow it's not
quite as UGLY
from that angle
That thing is
SO shiny with
that Krylon

Another Shot w/
Mount Rainier

I like the Moon
in this one
So cute!
January 6, 2004
Hummingbird in the Snow
Man I hope the ESC
Dries out!

Flying the Voyager
on the
First Day
of Spring!
March 21st
in My Front Yard
Me in the photo
This time around
Beautiful day!

Heh Heh Heh
Is that ugly
(cruel pic Andysan! ;-)
Woo Hoo!
I broke the PINIATA!
Now I can gather
up all the tasty
goodies out of it!

Century Airwolf
My First Scaler
Good kit overall
but the fiberglass was
formed such that the
Horizontal fins wouldn't
Join at level
Still looks cool
Getting the retracts
setup was the
hardest part
I eventually
Installed lights in it.
Also a pain!
Here you can make
out the light installation
Beacon on top
R/G on the fuse sides
Search Light in the nose
Strobe at rear/ underside

You can almost hear
That theme song!
The TT Carbons are
The perfect look for
this Kit
I painted up the T/R
Blades to match
Hirobo Lama 30
Here you can see
the setup for remote
Fuel and Glow
Simplest setup
This muffler came
standard with the kit
Not scale, but functional
I had a lot of fun
with the Airbrush
on this project

Here you can see
the Lama's panel
I painted the instruments
and illuminted them
from the rear
These are the
GEM2000 Heli lights
I used a similar set
on the Airwolf
Lama Cockpit
Nice details for
a $500 Kit
Hey - Does this
probably not!
It is pretty Cute
Fun to Taxi through
the living room...

30 Sized Jet Ranger
Modeled after the
King County Original
Hirobo Shuttle Mechs
Custom Skids and Steps
Here you can see
the flipped tail
as per the original
FitenFyr did a nice job!
Cable cutters
Search light and
FLIR as per original
The real-deal
King Co Sheriff
Flying over the
field December 22

Century Twinstar
Haven't finished
this one yet
Antennas and Pitot
are mounted

Scale skids are
on order
Still need nav lights
and to cut out the
"painted on" chin and
overhead windows

A Friends Bell222
By Century
This thing
Looked awesome!
A friends R50
This guy's responsible
for getting me
started in Helis

Andysan with his
4-bladed project
It's cold here
on November 30th!
Andysan's X-cell

Hard to beat
when I need to relax
Especially when the weather
is good.
Only dilemma?
Sailing or Flying?
With only 225 ever
made for the US market
it took me over 5 years
to find this car
Worth the wait!
A front shot
Taken at my
Old house

A really stupid Project - The inverted Hummingbird
10710 views HELP-FAQ

OK, so I had this really stupid urge to get the fixed-pitch Hummingbird to go inverted
I had the right idea with the setup, but it just wasn't going to happen
Here's a link to that thread:
Thread - Inverted Hover - Please talk me out of this  

Here the blades are swapped
and I've reversed the motor polatity
This the the reversed
Tail Rotor
I had to strap it in place
Thr Gyro needed to be
flipped since the rotor
directions are now reversed
I'm sure you can guess
how well this worked!

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