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--Welcome To Dr. Dan's Gallery--
Dr. Dan's T-Rex 600 Pic's
New Canopy
New Canopy
New T-Rex 600 Pro With OS 50 Hyper/Align Pipe + 600 Radix + CY Super Stubs + 94758's All Around
Awesome Stock FB Canopy

Arizona Pin Switch + LukeRC One Way
Align Pipe
Metal Aileron and Elevator Levers with A Carbon Tail Control Rod I Fabricated
601 Attached with Zeal Tape

GV-1 + 601 + Arizona Regulator + JR 639 + TP 3400 Lipo
Full Upgraded Head With New Swash..Stock Blade Grips.
Upgraded Tail Pitch Slider with A Carbon Tail Control Rod I Fabricated

Dr. Dan's Raptor Pic's
New Airbrushed Canopy From Southpaw Graffix
Me and My Raptor 50 With New Paint Job I Did
Hard to Beat the Kasama Head
Right Inside With a Little Bling

Left Inside With a Little Bling
Push/Pull with Metal Collective Arm
Futaba GV-1
GV-1 Sensor

Easy Way to Attach the Loose Fill Line

Dr. Dan's Miscellaneous
Sullivan Dynatron With Carbon Battery Holder I Fabricated
Wired to Three 7 Cell 1500mah Batteries - No Problem Starting Any Size Heli
Wand Holder
This Is How I Hang My Fleet

Converted A PC's Power Source To A 12 Volt Power Supply For My Chargers
Our Display At An Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In

"The Potosi Heli Crew"

Gary Steward and Me
Knee Deep in a Clutch Bell Repair
Ahhh, All Finished With the Clutch Bell
Gary Steward With a Nice Invert

Jason Cummings Carnage
Thankfully it Wasn't Yours Jason
"Fight For The Spot" Autos
3 Heli's Autoing for the "Spot"

Fitz Got a Little Too Close

Dr. Dan's Flight
Almost Scraped With This One
X-Spec Inverted
X-Spec Inverted
X-Spec Inverted

Me Showing My First Blade Scrape
Close-up of My First Blade Scrape
An Inverted Hover
A Little Lower Invert

Another Low Invert
Inverted Close-Up
First Flight and Lovin' It
Little More Air With Training Gear

One of My First Flight's Without the Training Gear
I Love This 50
New Decals
A little Nose-In

Red Bottom for Orientation
Having A Blast In The Backyard
Had A Great Day Of Flying
T-Rex Fly's As Good Inverted As Right Side Up

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