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My new Raptor 90se

My Raptor Titan
His and Hers......
Dont they make a sweet Couple???

My flying videos

My Wife Flying.. No faking here.. She really is flying.....
She is doing Great!!!
Her new FRP Canopy and tray

She actually got higher ..
Very nervous but still was trying..

6 full tanks hovered..

The wife has a new painted Canopy....

My flying friends
Steve and Billy
Steve and his Raptor 50
Steve's new GREEN FUEL tubing

Steve nose in hover
Billy and his Raptor 30
[img] /gallery/13204/IMG_3233.jpg [desc]

Bob and his Raptor 50 Titan
Another shot of Bob's Titan

Randy and his Raptor 30 V1
Randy hovering his blade cp
Randy's Funtana
Robert getting ready with his Funtana

This is Hayden
Hayden and his Twister
Robert just got this Nexus 30
Mitch hovering his new raptor 30

Mitch hovering sideways

My Family
Is there a baby girl around here?

My beautifull wife and daughter
Me and my daughter
Wife Heather and Daughter Kaeli

My son Chase
My son Mason
Lets catch some rays!!!!

See what I have to put up with???
She is worth it !!!!!!

Misc. Pictures
Now that got HOT!!!
My U-CAN-DO 3D 60 with Saito 125

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