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Misc Navy Cradp!
fun in the sun
flying trashcan of death
the spainish guys
the Brits

covert operations by the russians

"The Sled, 1949 Chevy Custom
c-notch and frame bridge
full ride height
eatin' weeds

1997 S-10 bed box
eatin' weeds 2

My 3 Month olds First Car (In Progress)
Mid 30's Stroller for my boy
He's gonna be a stylin' kid!

Wouldnt be cool without slicks!

Da Heli's

one of my few Hirobos
the EVO
Man I love Hirobos...
one of my bling R90's

one of my bling R90's
one of my bling R90's
one of my bling R90's
My first big bird! RIP....

gone but not forgotten
can you see the reflection?
more shiney stuff!
Ohhhh BLING!

alum fins
the tail
cforcht polished hyper 50

twas bored and had spare paint
Where the work gets done
and the second pic...

SOLD Pending Scale Graupner AS-350 60/90 with Mechs FOR SALE

New Heli Pilot, Steffen Jace

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