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My workshop. My girlfriend is not happy for this.
Kjell Arnes workshop.
Frank Olav working on his Raptor
The Airwolf is in for maintenance.

Geir Atle and Kjell Arne helping me out on my airwolf
Oooh - I see. This is where the vibrations came from :)

My current heli fleet.
The Airwolf ready to go
Pinky - a Raptor 50 v2 - OS 50
Raptor 60 v2 - OS 70
Nightrigged Raptor 30 v2 - TT39

The fireworks firing unit.
The rear roman light.
Lighs on.

Flying buddies
Geir Atle with his Vario Sky Fox 60
Kjell Arne with his Hirobo 50
Geir Atle tryed to fix the landing skeeds. It didn`t work out to well.

Air photos
Our local flying field
Our local Golf course.

Powder snow - your friend during crashes.

Kjell Arne`s first snow-crash. (Se video above)
No damage at all.
Second snow-crash was harder.

Only the landing skeed got hurt by the second crash.

Piston failure OS 70
Hmmmm ?

Money-saving removable Gadgetbox ??
My thoughts and plans before starting.
Fitting the box and starting to put the gadgets inside the box.
The gadgets fitted inside the box.
The wirings from the servos is soildered to the plug

The plug is filled with silicone to prevent vibrationsproblems.
The plug from the gadgetbox is connected to the plug in the heli.
The box is finnished

Raptor 50 v2 for sale - lots of option parts

Video files from Fagernes Flyshow 2004

Video files

January 17 2004

December 01 2003

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