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    Various Photo's
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Bob J running the Zagi Gauntlet with his Para Glider.
OS 50 Hyper main bearing after 4-5 gallons.
Air Trafic Control have a busy start to the day over southern England!
Scheadu after a funky chicken caused by battery failure.

The Funky chicken did the damage!
Char Grilled Sceadu Anyone?.
Amazing shot of Mount Fuji.
Inflight screen grab of Janek and I.

Me testing the hovering capability of Paul's Fury. (Yeah it passed!)
Another Pit stop at Skyline Models, Workbench, Spares, Tea & Coffee. How every Model shop should be!
Just time for one last combat before the sun goes down.
New Hornet II tail system.

Inflight screen grab of our field.

    Friends Heli's
Thieving Hobbit's Fury, It's been 22 Years in the making, but it sure looks good!
Thieving Hobbit and his blinged R90 (Nice Canopy!)
Bob Johnson's Jet Powered Cuartro
Bob Johnson's Robe Spirit

One of Janek's Raptor 50's
Another one of Janek's R50's
Paul Tovey's MDC Tornado
Paul running his new Fury in.!

CraigH's lovely Milli II
CraigH's new Fury.
Bob's Bell 47G
CraigH and his Logo 10 in the snow & how to keep warm at the same time.

Damien's R90
John's Lama
John's Lama 2
The Weasle Masters 3DM 2005 R-90

The Weasle Masters R-90
Weasle Master's Stratus
Ricks Xero G

Nice canopy! Rick ;-)
Rick's Stratus
Rick's Stratus
Paul's Fury

Paul's Fury
RJUK's Fury
RJUK's Fury
CraigH's Hornet II

Cragh's XeroG
Cragh's XeroG
Ricks new Blinged up R90 with top secret servo's
Steamy's Scheadu

Steamy's Trex
Dave's R50
Dave's Lite-Machines LMH110

LMH 110 Precision engineering!

    A Bit Of Fun
The Weaselmaster after a blind Auto
Who said MarkL can't fly inverted.
Nice shot Gareth!.
CraigH sees snow for the first time. Paul Tovey looks impressed to!.

Gareth after riding through a puddle on his XR 750.
Another good feature of the Fury.
And the moral of the story is.......
5 Fatal Words!

    My Current Fleet
MS Hornet II
In for a penny in for a pound
Raptor 50

Millenium 90 II (Sold)
Hornet II all up weight

    Full Scale Heli's
Lama Not Ugly!
Another Lama
An instructor putting his student under pressure by practicing landing on a steep gradient in a Robinson 44

MD 500

    Night Flying

Janek made his own blades!.

Night Flying Blades using chemical light fluid (Good idea Janek!)

    Cockney Rebel's Twin Petrol Engine Contra Rotating Heli

After showing me his wireless XRB, Dave said it was nothing new and pulled out This. Dave who runs The Red Kite Flying School ( built the Helicopter over 12 years ago. He built every thing except the two chainsaw engines and the electrics for the heli. apparently it flew as smooth as silk.

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