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    Align T-Rex 50
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    Sceadu Evo 50 (sold)

Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 DTDS, SD-G Rotor Head, TT53 Redline, Hatori SB50, Flightpower 2s2p 3200 battery and Arizona regulator, GY601+S9256, GV-1, S9252 all round, SD-G Main gear, SAB 330 600mm CF blades, Freya tail hub and grips, V 95mm tail blades, Carbon Xtreme tail fins. Freya skids, T-rex 440mm flybar. Head speed 1950. QuickUK Swash Plate.

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    Aerial Photography - 1st attempt!

Helicam Solutions Sport 60 Mount.

    Aerial Photography - 2nd attempt!

Same mount, better camera! Fujifilm S7000 zoom.

    MS Hornet X-3D (sold)

MS Hornet X-3D (H2 upgraded), Tsunami Brushless Motors (MCP320), MS Brushless Speed Controller. Futaba GY240, Futaba S3107 servos, HS50 on rudder, 3cell Thunderpower 1320Mah Lipo packs. "W" Blades/SAB Blades, Duzi Metal Head and flybar carrier.

Waterfoot Model Helicopter Club

Meets are Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon.

    Xcell 60 Custom Metal (Sold)

Xcell 60 Custom Metal, OS61WCII, Nitro Pipe, SAB 68cm main blades, SAB Xcell Tail Blades. Futaba GY501 + S9205, Futaba GV-1, S9252 on cyclic, S9303 on Pitch, JR541 on throttle. Nice to fly, very stable, but expensive to repair. Run on Coolpower 15%.
In hover
In hover.

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