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Photo by Voffsen taken at a fun fly april 3rd at Kvalyvgen here in Troms

Some of the helis at our local club

First day with 85mm CE tail rotor blades, 20g MA paddles and wildcat 15%.

First flight (january 17th, 2004)

First flight was attended januar 17th 2004. My so-called friends was prepared for total annihilation. I had been practising flying in realflight so it went pretty well. Didn't really need the training gear.

First flight ever of any rc vehicle. In addition to just hovering in all directions, even hovered with slow piros, I flew the bird a few times around. In the end I did a circuit flying backwards. A lot of name-calling was done by the crowd afterwards.
First spool up.
A little skepticism among the audience
They've heard too many stories about raptors gone wild
The camera guy (voffsen here at runryder) kept a good distance

Airborne! Woohoo!
Throttle curve tuning

My Raptor 50v2 showcase

This would be my first remote controlled vehicle ever. Assembled in december 2003. This is a proper stock Raptor 50v2. TT50 engine, no upgrades what-so-ever. I got a little scared of stories about the pin on the flybar control lever getting loose, so before the first flight I got a washout base from quickuk.

My second heli in my fleet

JR PCM 9X. Awesome radio.


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