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When you screw up you might as well post pictures
The is my "new" YS-90 cylinder after "sticking" overheating it
and piston
First file the piston carfully
all better

now acid wash the cylinder followed by a lite hone

OS-50 after a ceramic bearing falure

SRII 90 gearing
This is the original c60, SRII and my 45 tooth] [desc]
Not a simple spur but rather a 5 deg bevel] [desc]
It took two .040" and one .035" to set lashj] [desc]

"Dougs" Concept 60 SRII
We get a "little" fog in the winter
My pride and joy

A little "nose in"
How it all began for me (1975)

My Raptor 50 Uniflow setup

Bearing pictures from my OS-50 after 600 flights (two years) use my shutdown method !
This is as removed note the lack of corrosion
The little "witness mark is from the transfer port and shows "up"
This is the point where the skidding starts.
This is what a 10 gallon bearing looks like

My "Coke can" mod to provide preload to the rear bearing
make two shims for rear bearing .010" total.
drop then in the case before the bearing.

Carb adjustments for YS
Someone posted question about this so I posted it

SRII paddles and weights
This is the Stock setup for the SRII the "keyed" weight fits into a slot in the flybar. The other weight is from a SR.

"V" paddle installed on my SRII
This is how I am flying it now.

SR61 SRII servo frame
JB Weld to the rescue

My 9 year old Grandson on the Raptor 50
He's getting there

Near disaster on "stock" woodies
Watch out for this one

Some pictures from the past
Mike Mas in 1975
This is me in 1976 with one of my Kavan JR's
This my other Kavan JR in 1977


Concept 60 SRII manual

Concept 60 manual



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