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Tris's Photo's, The Current Fleet

My new Synergy...

Tank standoff that i made
Fromoco pin switch

ZeroG Rush - Ultimate Raptor 50 :)

The "twins", 2 R90SE's, both with V-blades, Os91's /cline and a mix of airtronics/ JR and GY601's radio.

Past heli's that i no longer own

My old x-spec (now long gone). YS91/SB-16 with 560SL & TJpro. Oh, can you tell what fuel its running on :)

This is my old Evo 50...

A year later after its rebuild
Zooms canopy looks way cool :)

Treated myself to this Fury Extreme. OS91 c-spec with the OMI Cline mod.. Now in the skilled hands of tony (vigor3dfx)

This is what happens when you try and to very hard 3D with the stock blade grips on a 4S trex (adam told me to do it so its his fault !)

My new (ish) Zoom. Himax motor with CC25 controller and Flightpower lipos. Oh and no more crappy tail gears (belt drive :D :D) Now sold...

Some very old heli's and some other stuff !
Vigor CS
With original os91 :(
Millinium 2 with webra 91
Conquest with webra 52 AAR

Darren with his latest love !
Me flying the new 600EP

Some full size action down the local flying field !
Managed to get a go in this !
and REALLY hate the guy who own's this !

The Zagi section :)
Having fun up Bradgate park !
The second and third attemps wern't so successfull !
Now, everyone hates a sore looser ;) ;)

Vigor3dfx slope soring at Charmouth

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