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My Fleet
Original Freya purchased 2002
It took me a year before I got enough courage to fly her.
Photo courtesy of Andy Williamson
Learning to hover inverted with my old Raptor 30

My old Hornet. "Hornets suck the big one!"
Collective T-lever upgrade made from TSK Acrostar parts
Doh! Another crash 03/30/03
Boom strike during a four-point tic-toc

Result from a combination of worn out stock dampeners and 700mm blades.
Hirobo Sceadu Evolution - I have more fun with this thing than with my 90 ship.
How much do I love my Evo?

CHAP's 2002 BBQ
Steve Cambell of Dreamhobbies
Steve Roy
Our newest pilot. Jerry Anderson

Charlie & Big Rob

Misc Pictures
Want me to consider going to your fun fly? Offer me all you can eat chilli....hehehe
My olf VFR750F before someone decided to run into me.
Now you know why they call him Big Rob.

BigRob with his Foo Man Choo mustache!
Steve's Cricket
Up close and personal with the GMP Cricket
Holy crap, they were close!

Do they make these things in Extra Extra Large?
Talk about itty bitty.
Oh so cute
Yummmy yummy for my tummy!


San Diego Fun Fly 2002
Hey Andy! You're in the way!
My buddies.."The twins" Andy WilliamSON and Marty Kuhns
Dr. Tim's Airfwolf..I think he sold her though
Waaazaaap!! Eric Stoltz

Phoenix Fun Fly 2003

Misc. Pics
Iraqi Navy
Augusto (Combusto)

Whatta we eatin?

Perry Pump addition to Freya
Perry Pump addition to Freya 2
bigROB w/ Andy's Fury
Perry Pump Spaghetti

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