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Welcome to Ledfoot's Gallery

The current and future 3D masters (YEAH BABY!!!!)


My first helis
GY-601 and GV-1
Raptor 70 with GV-1 and 601
KSJ muffler kicks butt
The Fleet

Raptor 70, 30 and nexus 30
The Fleet
Raptor 70
What a monster

The OS 70 kicks butt
Raptor 30, OS 32/MPII
3D machine
Canopy by Jeff Key

Awsome 8 foot screen for Sim
Gotta Love it!!!!

TeamBob00 at IRCHA 2004

Me and Marcus Kim
TeamBob00 at IRCHA 2004
My baby's first IRCHA
Me and Alan Szabo Jr.

Tastes sooooo good!!!!
The 3D Masters
The man that put the Bob in TeamBob00

Dyna-x project

Raptor 90 with Quick UK upgrades

YS issues
YS has some explaining to do

New fleet
The new and improved birds

Shogun 400

Raptor 50 620mm upgrade

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