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This is a T Rex 450 SE V1
This heli was a 37th birthday gift from my wonderful wife.
She even named it for me since it was from her.

Heinz 57

This is a Raptor 50V2 that has mutated out of a bunch of partshence Heinz 57!

No pictures yet!


Blade CP that was was a gift from my wife, which the name was generated
out of a comment she made. Her first heli gift to me:-)
Now that you know I can buy heli stuff for you, I opened Pandoras Box?
The name is the answer!

No pictures yet!

Crash Files (piles)

This section is dedicated to my fallen birds, most of them are nitro birds.
The expensive days before electrics.

My first crash was with my Raptor 30V2. I just started into forward flight and
made a few circles. On the last one I washed out the tail and ended up coming down
knife-edge on to pavement from about 50 ft. The splatter was about a 60 ft radius!
What a mess. The whole bird and trainer gear fit into the 18-bottle beer box.
Surprisingly the total crash was about $175.

Bird in a box
Dirt Nap
(nose dive)

Birds Of The Past
The original Raptor 30V2
(My first Heli)

This was my first heli, a Raptor 30V2 converted to a 50V2 later on.
By the end of its life I had finally named it Bastard Bird since I treated it so badly.

The purple bird was Bling Bling, a Raptor 50V2. I picked up at reasonable price
with all the Quick UK upgrades. It flew really nice, but I was so afraid of cracking
it up..... I sold it.

The early days

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