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    Welcome to Quicksilvers Gallery
My new DYD Canopy from Mujenpwr
love the airbrush lightning
My wifes new hair style (I think I like it!)

Yep looks like shes a pincher just like dad.
Zoe playing tug-a-war with Naya

Teaching Zoe the Windows hot keys.
NJ State Police Medivac Helicopter (AKA South Star)

Our 92 pound security system Naya

    Some of the Porsche 914's I've owned and restored past and present
914w/Chevy V8 conversion. Entire conversion kit sold by Renegade Hybrids
Ahh the stopping power of a 911

Yes those are fiberglass fender flares not steel, nice bondo and sanding job
Needs to be lowered 1 more inch.
Getting ready to weld in the inner rocker stiffeners.

6 point roll cage and a very tight fit, talk about a fun install

My wife and the other wife...LOL
My Completely designed Turbo system that I built from scratch setup for my typeIV 914 motor using BOSCH FI system from a VW GTI

    Nayas Corner
IRCHA field to the right
IRCHA field to the left
I think I'll take a quick nap while you get my bottle ready

CY's stripped crown gear after 30 seconds of flying (he forgot to tighten the boom after working on it.)
CY's modified clutch/mainshaft bearing block (check out the small seam welds)
CY's custom made clutch 3" in diameter!

CY's fully custom flybarless head. Check out the small mylar nuts behind his swash links, Looks as though curtis 140 CCPM swash links are spaced out longer,
Curtis going over setup of the new ATG on a Trex 600N.
Zoes first time at the beach WOW that water was cold
breast feeding on the go....LOL

Our new addition on the back or our shore house completed.
I smell milk!

Our birth announcement
Zoe trying to feed on me (no boob here...LOL)
If she likes it this much now, I'm in big trouble when she gets older

The proud new father and th happiest day of my life
My Fury Extreme w/YS91 TTmains(Junk) and the new Multigov

Baby shower cake (And niece trying to sneek a finger in the icing.)
my wife at the start of her 9th month with her friend Valencia
My wifes favorite desert Creme Brulee (can ya tell...LOL)

Me my wife and my mother with my sisters little one Declan at our favorite breakfast spot in North Wildwood NJ
Nayas first time at our shore house. She's just so cute.
My Doberman pup Naya falling asleep in my hand after an AM beach jog with me

Work stuff and other hobbies
F/R My two sisters, wife & brothers GF B/R their husbands me and my younger brother
Shopnet software developed by PCS for MITEK
Component nailer able to do two wall ends at one time

Turrent nailing bridge and squaring conveyor, first of its kind (and a b**** to setup)
Squaring conveyor showing the stud grabber/straightener in the lower middle of the picture

My 2nd Fury Extreme fully updated w/OS91C-Spec w/OMI mods and a set of custom white tip V-blades courtouse of OC-Bobs funfly raffle!

My new Tony Kart waiting to get my new worked motor back in. Can't wait!

Racing at the annual Milford Delaware steet race through downtown

Now how did she know to get me this?

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