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best fuel ive ever used
easy belt tightening method
easy belt tightening method

sling hook mount mod
sling hook mount mod
rx removed from raptor because it developed a glitch when vibrated (ex: engine vibes)

Raptor 50 setup pics
a rubber band is cheap insurance against gyro falling off
always use a filter before the carb, a t-filter makes refueling a breeze
i padded my battery tray with thin foam tape, works great. nothing sliding off that.
rx removed, battery is mounted with rubber bands

view of rubber bands going around the battery tray
TT glow extenson instalation. this one was repaired twice now
TT glow extenson instalation. this one was repaired twice now
Skid bolts with washers replaces stock hardware

Notice modified carbon base plate
Cyclic neutral, zero degrees pitch. note where frame pitch markings line up
Throttle linkage at idle
throttle linkage at mid stick (not nessicarily 50% throttle)

Throttle linkage at full stick (100% throttle in this case)
tail linkage horn at neutral stick in rate mode with no drift
header tank tilted to clear tail struts.
reciever antenna secured by weak rubber band, little strain on antenna

antenna not "tied" to rubber band, so no loops
electronics mounting. battery rubber banded & velcrod, rx velcroed, gov velcroed and rubberbanded
low shot of electronis restraints. note antenna strain relief
note where ball links are on servo horn, and that the horn is perpindicular at neutral cyclic

note the great cyclic pitch linkage and aileron bellcrank position at neutral cyclic
better skid mounting hardware
battery lead tied together with switch lead, won't unplug in flight
governer wireing, note how sensor lead is easilly removable for hassle free engine removal

rotorhead linkage at neutral cyclic & zero collective pitch, note that mixing arms are level
ugly muffler a result of using fuel that has castor oil in it, ughhh
a shot of perfect throttle linkage, and 100/100 throttle servo atv
wires arent tidy and neat yet, just "hangin out"

Cyclic neutral, bellcrank link should be in center of elevator pivot bearing
mixing levers dead level at zero pitch and neutral cyclic
mixing levers dead level at zero pitch and neutral cyclic
upper links and upper mixing arms at zero pitch and cylic neutral, flybar level

make sure tail belt goes within the tail guide pullies, not on the lip or outside of them
note antenna, govener sensor, and battery charge lead routing
header tank plumbing, particularly note how tubeing between main and header tanks is routed
Cyclic neutral, bellcrank link should be in center of elevator pivot bearing

wires not secured yet, heli in throttle hold at mid stick (zero collective pitch)
collective servo flipped from manual, near 90 degrees linkage at zero pitch. 90/90 collective atv
exhaust to main tank back-pressure tube routing
exhaust to main tank back-pressure tube routing

My Raptor 50 V2
KSJ Yellow paddles are fast, but pitchy in FFF
skids backwards might work well, but look foolish really

Thunder Tiger 600mm Carbon Blades fly good and auto great

i used a whip antenna for a while, but went back to the regular antenna just because

lesson here, DO NOT mount your rx and battery like this, bad vibes man

Another lesson: DO NOT use zip ties in this manor, chafes through wires

Hot Tip: stay away from sandy spots like this, but if unable please use a large landing pad

Funfly 2005
Twist and Eaglet
Lets fly sitting down for a bit
Crashed Funtana in front of a Piper Cub
My raptor waiting patiently

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