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E-cell Ion-X

The Ion-X
The Ion-X
All up Weight of the Ion-X
MFJ 12vdc Power Supply (45amp)

Schulze isl 6-636+ Chargers
Radio Shack Banana Plugs (Wont Pull Out)
The Field Battery (127lb) About 6 Charges Interstate SRM-4D
The Field Battery & Battery Charger

First E-cell Fury

Inverted Flight
Preparing for Night Flying

First E-cell


Low Inverted Winter Flying
About 10 Deg.


Plank Lark 3D

Hacker Motor/Speed Control
Thunder Power 5s3p-10c Bat.

John Krupps Scratch Built 300 Extra

John Krupps P51

Check Out The Pilot Looks Like John

IRCHA 2004

Motorhome & (Bob's) Pocket Bike
Fastlad Chris UK & Ron Darling MA Rep
IRCHA Flight Line-1

IRCHA Flight Line-2
IRCHA Flight Line-3
IRCHA Flight Line-4
IRCHA Flight Line-5

IRCHA Flight Line-6
IRCHA Flight Line-7
Mark Ryder
Bill (Baja170)

Pete From Pete's Hobbies

Marlette Mini Heli Funfly 6-27-4

Chris (Fastlad) from UK
Jim Long Time Heli Man
I think I'll play in the wheat
What the heck lets harvest a little wheat

The Copters
The Pilots
Lets watch Ron
Future 3D pilot

Chesaning Fun Fly 041804

Chesaning Fun Fly 2001

Big D Made It

Michigan Winter Flying

Flying Friends

Doug Puts in Another ERGO
Ron MA Rep and Great Flyer

Rich Chris Ron Finally Nice weather
Jim and Ron @ Rons House In Mid Michigan

Winter Flying With Ron
Chris (Fastlad) from UK Harvesting wheat
Where Did My Heli Go Time To Get An Ion-X

Hans, Paul, and Ron @ Marlette
Rich and Ron @ Marlette
Sony one of the heli guys
Shannon From HF

Hans Fellow Electric Flyer
Bob on His Pocket Bike
Archie "79" Years Young and Still Flying
Grant The Man Flies Everthing

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