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E-cell Ion-X

The Ion-X
The Ion-X
All up Weight of the Ion-X
MFJ 12vdc Power Supply (45amp)

Schulze isl 6-636+ Chargers
Radio Shack Banana Plugs (Wont Pull Out)
The Field Battery (127lb) About 6 Charges Interstate SRM-4D
The Field Battery & Battery Charger

First E-cell Fury

Inverted Flight
Preparing for Night Flying

First E-cell


Low Inverted Winter Flying
About 10 Deg.


Plank Lark 3D

Hacker Motor/Speed Control
Thunder Power 5s3p-10c Bat.

John Krupps Scratch Built 300 Extra

John Krupps P51

Check Out The Pilot Looks Like John

IRCHA 2004

Motorhome & (Bob's) Pocket Bike
Fastlad Chris UK & Ron Darling MA Rep
IRCHA Flight Line-1

IRCHA Flight Line-2
IRCHA Flight Line-3
IRCHA Flight Line-4
IRCHA Flight Line-5

IRCHA Flight Line-6
IRCHA Flight Line-7
Mark Ryder
Bill (Baja170)

Pete From Pete's Hobbies

Marlette Mini Heli Funfly 6-27-4

Chris (Fastlad) from UK
Jim Long Time Heli Man
I think I'll play in the wheat
What the heck lets harvest a little wheat

The Copters
The Pilots
Lets watch Ron
Future 3D pilot

Chesaning Fun Fly 041804

Chesaning Fun Fly 2001

Big D Made It

Michigan Winter Flying

Flying Friends

Doug Puts in Another ERGO
Ron MA Rep and Great Flyer

Rich Chris Ron Finally Nice weather
Jim and Ron @ Rons House In Mid Michigan

Winter Flying With Ron
Chris (Fastlad) from UK Harvesting wheat
Where Did My Heli Go Time To Get An Ion-X

Hans, Paul, and Ron @ Marlette
Rich and Ron @ Marlette
Sony one of the heli guys
Shannon From HF

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