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G'day mates, welcome downunder!!
Inverted Shuttle ZXX on my cellphone
I know, time for a new phone!!!

Night-Spec, Oct 2005

Approx 30ft Glowire (specifically HIGH BRIGHTNESS type) & 3x F25 9-12V drivers from Powered by an unregulated TP 11.1V 480mAh lipo that lasts over 2 hours (the current draw is 200mA for 30ft of glowire.) Everything unplugs from the power box making installation & removal quick 'n' easy. The whole rig weighs about 12oz (not confirmed) and the heli is a bit tail heavy but not too bad.
My X-Spec decked out for night-flying
Side view
Approx 3ft glowire for windscreen
Approx 6ft for outline

Both wires soldered to one plug
Approx 4ft for skids
Other side
All the glowires unplug here

Box normally cable tied down & under gyro plate
All drivers powered by one lipo
TP 11.1V 480mAh
Approx 7ft for boom & 4ft for fins

Glowire taped on. These are dedicated nightfins
Easy to re-tape if needed
Note how boom support glowire (6ft) is threaded

Each driver can power a maximum of 15ft and the shorter the wire, the brighter it is so I spreaded this out. The drivers are heavy, about 2oz each so 3 is enough. It would've been better if the box was turned around 180 degs with the drivers up front as to move the CG forward just a tiny bit. Oh well, it's fine. Driver #1 powers canopy - 9ft.........Driver #2 powers boom & fins - 11ft.........Driver #3 powers supports & skids - 10ft....... I strap on a glowstick to each skid & on top of the horizontal fin in case the glowire fails.
Ooold pics
Field Box
Eagle2 WC'99 R.I.P
Remains of WC & unrepaired ZXX
Zagi 3C Combat Wing. Grrreat fun!

SST Eagle Freya Half-Spec 2003

My Freya as it was before becoming a full X-Spec and more
Apologies for the unpolished muffler
SSZ-II Yoke & CF frames on the way
RAZOR sharp looking

It inherited the surviving parts from the WC
My crash of the year 2003!

X-Spec was inverted 20ft up & dumb thumbed it in. Bloody hell! Landed flat & throttle was stuck wide open. MAJOR chicken dance. Was 50ft away & had to run for my life to 150ft away as spewed bits that far away everyhere. Couldn't do anything about it & watched in awe as the blades ground away to nothing. That's not the best thing yet. The rotorhead went into overdrive (hope the engine's ok) & the heli fell on its left side. The damn thing then proceeded to propel itself backward like a bloody lawn edger in anticlockwise circles with the underneath of the skids facing the center. It death spiralled to 10ft dia circles slicing a groove in the ground at approximately 20mph. Very scary & funny to watch at the same time. Was about to throw my neck strap on hoping it would jam it up when cut out - spoilsport. There was nothing left of the NHP Razor blades, only confetti. Not much to clean up at all. Luckily the blades were foam cored which saved the heli from major damage as wooden cored would never wear down to the Quick (UK.) Never used wooden cored, only woodies years ago - again more damage that way. The battery & receiver had come off completely. All the connectors kindly unplugged themselves neatly. Except for the battery's which was taped on. Had taped all the wires behind the connector with insulation tape to stop chafing in the front avionics entry point. This saved a lot of damage! Will find a way of TYING on the battery & Rx to the front canopy stand offs to prevent this happening again! Damage is suprisingly light. Pod is totally fine. Just straighten skid feet, new windshield, boom, blades, rotorhead parts etc. Say $150 to fix. Gonna have to retest everything though. Replacing twisted EX w/o arms with stock as compared them & realised they offer more cyclic throw. The worst thing is someone filmed me & left just before the crash. DAMN! Woulda made an instant classic. Thank you for your time to read this. Hope you enjoyed it! ;-)
That's not fog, it's smoke
Neck strap thrown on after as sign of defeat
Blades are no where to be seen at all
Heli didn't treat the ground nicely did it?

Cuts in the grass from the spectacular chicken dance
Now this is what I call a Cycircle - 'lawn edger' cut
New name - Dances with Chickens
Very handy grass catcher

Battery & Rx smashed through windshield
The guilty culprit of the mother hen of all chicken dances
New 2 inch & 0 inch blades available now

Beautiful end to a rather eventful day
Bad boy, stay in your room! You're grounded
The aforementioned blades
Pulley worn down to shaft

Hirobo's new flybarless rotorhead
The aluminium spacers actually melted into the grips

Airwolf comes to South Africa in 1987
Can't believe my eyes
RC version demo
Up close


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