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June 12 2013
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My Electric Heli

JR Voyager-E with Hacker C40-8L, Kontronic Speed Control, Thunderpower 6000MAH 3s3p, SAB 440 mains, MS Custom Tail Blades, Futaba 401gyro, Polished Quick 18 Head, Carbon frames & Tail fins, KSJ paddles
Voyager E
Quick Cyclic mod.

Recent pics. Jan 3, 2005

MS Hornet II, Razor brushless motor, Phoenix 10 speed control, Futaba 401, HS-55, HS-50,Electron 6, Custom Carbon CCPM mount

Hirobo FREYA X-Spec

Hirobo Freya X-Spec with YS 80, MP2 tuned pipe, GV-1, GY-601,Carbon Extreme frames and fins, V1 CX dampeners, V-Blades 690 mains, SAB 95 tail
[img] X-Spec.jpg [desc]
Temp Paint Job

My first inverted pic

Friends Heli's

KC Breaking In New Heli


Alistair's Hirobo WC 1
Alistair's Hirobo WC 2
Alistair's Hirobo WC 3
Alistair's Hirobo WC 4

Alistair's Hirobo WC 5
Alistair's Hirobo WC 6
Alistair's Hirobo WC 7
Alistair's Hirobo WC 8

Alistair's Hirobo WC 9
Alistair's Hirobo WC 10
Alistair's Hirobo WC 11

Msc. Pics.

Rappy digging shallow grave
Flight Box

Wired 24volts
One Trip Heli Tote
Box of Death

My First Heli Lives In This Box
My Friend KC
My 01 YZ250

Bad Taco Day
JR Micro RX

The hobby room / work shop

red">Use the left mouse button to raise the heli to clear obstacles.

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