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Mill Cutting Carbon Fiber


Senior Heliman

Long Beach, CA

i haven't cut much carbon, but i've cut a fair amout of G10 on my sherline 5400. like carbon, G10 will dull even a carbide end mill pretty quickly. i've found that new end mills cut the G10 cleanly at first, but as the tool dulls, the fraying begins. haven't found a way around it yet.

when i cut my G10, i drill a few holes in the sheet, then screw it to a piece of particle board. i clamp the board to the table, and cut a little into the wood.

02-10-2004 Over year old.


Fryazino, MO, Russia

carbon fiber edm


Don't take me as necro and sorry for my english.

I was trying to find is carbon fiber an electric conductive material or not. I'm thinking of using an electrical discharge machine on it.
And there are different opinions.
Author of one article says that edm way was ignored because carbon fiber isn't conductive:

But these two speaks opposite

Could someone exemine it practicaly and blow my doubts off, please?

12-20-2007 Over year old.



At my work we have LPKF circuit board cutting machines. We cut boards up to .20" of fiberglass laminates and ceramic boards and using carbide bits 2.0 mm at 30,000 RPM with no problem. Bits last about 3 boards 12X18 with a lot artwork on them. Didn't try to cut CF-we don't use CF boards in RF, but ceramic boards are really tough on tool. We create design in SW, translate to DXF format, then to LPKF format and go. Let's say to cut one complete frame for T-rex 450 I will estimate about 10 min maximum for drilling and cutting.
For whom, to look cut CF frames or CF parts I will suggest to look around (localy) who has LPKF machine and ask them to cut for you-shouldn't be expencive. Most likely it will be company who does R&D on electronic devices

12-20-2007 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

montreal canada


01-09-2008 Over year old.


San Diego, CA. USA

The basic problem is the carbon fibers. HSS dulls very quickly and carbide lasts a little longer. The best approach is the diamond coating. They last longer, give a smoother finish and won't leave fibers at the edge. And to make things even smoother and less dusty, a wet cut does a good job to keep the diamond drum from loading up although I've just ripped through material. Just start a pilot hole and go unless the end is coated in diamond and then just use a gentle plunge. Keep the feed and speed slow enough so you don't heat things up. I've worked with the stuff on a larger scale and it's like working with concrete. You can't drill a straight hole unless everything is locked in place, the drill bits are worth about 3 maybe 4 holes and of course the dust. Also if a regular cutter is used then the work has a tendency to be pushed out of the way of the cutter or drill so the hole expands during cutting and then shrinks slightly afterward. Has to do with the plasticity of the epoxy so if an exacting hole is needed in a thicker part then ream to finished size. Better buy a few reamers. Drill bits last a bit longer with a larger angle < 118'. Oh, and if your using the jet cut method, make sure the carbon sheets have a pilot hole if your doing thick cuts. The high pressure water and abrasive can separate the plys at the starting point if a plunge cut is used to start the job. Hope this helps.

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01-18-2008 Over year old.



for smooth edges use a spiral bit ( not strait) and lay the carbon on to a wood( mdf ) layer. this way the cutting edge will act like a scisor and push the CF against the wood on the other side. this ensures a perfect clean edge cut and avoids tearout.

upward spiral are more common for metal bits ( they are used for smoother surfaces and to expel the shavings upward away from the cutting edge , like drill bits)
if you have one of these, lay the CF underneath the wood. this way the bit will pull upward the CF against the wood backing.

09-25-2008 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Upstate, New York: Warwick, NY

Carbon fiber sheet stock available

I have several sheets of 18 x 24" plain weave carbon fiber available for sale. I do not know the current pricing but can give very fair pricing. I have some 2.0mm, 1.6mm and some thinner.

Give me a call if interested. I also have many many sets of cut fin sets and some 2nd quality fins available.

Call me anytime,

Joe 650 722-3965

01-13-2009 Over year old.
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CAD - Engineering - Technical


Mill Cutting Carbon Fiber

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