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St. George Utah

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So I had this happen on my 550sx the other day--350 flights..I had some good luck as I was doing some gentle flying breaking in a new battery--didn't notice any problems with the heli until I landed it and I guess the heim ball part popped out while it was spooling down! so I was thinking since I have read about this happening to others..why couldn't the four ball link mounts on the outside of the brg. pocket be lengthened and maybe a point put on the end so that the part would be mechanically locked in as well as glued..not enough force to compress the plastic piece but with four points slightly penetrating into the plastic..that wouldn't happen. whadda ya think Ronald?

I do a great decending funnel!

02-06-2017 12:14 AM


galloway, nj usa

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wow, you were lucky..don't quote me, but I think a goblin 500 is the same and might drop right in. this has been a known problem with logos. I have the lynx one and its much thicker. I don't fly vbar but the geometry is different so it will mess with their numbers im told..i fly vortex so im fine with that.

synergy E5s logo 600sx 480xx goblin 500/420/380 gaui X5 X4ll X3 trex 550/500 protos p380

02-06-2017 12:27 AM
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Fountain Valley, CA

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You can use a Goblin 500 and vise versa. Instead of the SAB swashplate .. I would agree to use the Lynx

Technically you can re-green loctite it.

- Scott

02-06-2017 02:44 AM

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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+1 for the Lynx swash. I switched to it on my 690sx that I have a Neo in. The cyclic setting number decreases slightly for the 8 degree setting. Where you really gain is the Cyclic Ring setting. You can turn that up more without binding. (the lynx can tilt more before contacting the main shaft)
The lynx 690 swash is a LOT thicker than the stock 550 swash. I haven't put one on my 550 yet, but I've heard of others doing so. I still have QuickUK swashes on my 550sx and 550se.


02-06-2017 12:20 PM

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Sedalia, Mo USA

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Had a Quick UK do that a while a crash.....JB welded it back
into the bearing. 5 flights so far, no issues. Hope it is permanent fix.
That one was at around 360 flights and not even sure you can still get the
Q. UK swashes???

Am running one Logo swash now, with a couple more in spares, but just keep
hearing about these seperations even though I have went years now w. no
issues. Are these doing this in harder 3D type flying or just random?

Have also seen threads on the Lynx swash being a good one to go to, will be
keeping that in mind for sure!

02-07-2017 02:56 AM

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Granbury, TX USA

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I had my 690 swash develop vertical play. After reading up on things, I chose to go the Lynx route, and have had no issues since.

I have to hand out kudos to the Mikado group, and Ron in particular, as I brought the old swash to IRCHA last August and he took one look at it and gave me a new one. Can't beat that service.

Goblin 700, Trex 700DFC, Gaui X7, Logo 690SX, Logo 600SX; Trex 470 Trex 500
Amain Team Rep

02-07-2017 03:51 AM
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