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I got an e-mail today from Cascade Model club in Snohomish and they said they voted on August 24-28 for their ff.

In the past it has been later in the season before they confirmed anything and they have been moving back and forth from July to August.Thanks guys for making a decision and getting it out there this early

Now that they are confirmed for August I have Othello confirmed for May. Now we can start a PNW schedule for the year.

April: open
May: Othello- Weaver field 19-20-21
June: Coeur D'alene- Silver hills RC field no dates yet
July: open
August: Snohomish- Cascade model Club 24 thru 28
Sept: Dayton- RCHN no dates yet or open??
Oct: Richland-(Tri Cities) TCRCM no dates yet

I heard there is no more RCHN so let us know if there is still going to be a Sept.ff If not maybe TCRCM can move to Sept.for better weather??
Someone said something about a April ff so let's see if we hear anything about that.

Hot Start Heli had theirs June 4th last year.

I talked to Gary today to see if he has any dates open in July.He said he has the 21st thru 23rd open and he said the weather has always been nice there in July.

The last couple of years The Silver Hills field in Coeur D'alene has been the 3rd week of June so I'll commit to July 21-22-23 in Othello unless someone else steps up for that month.If I don't hear anything in a couple of weeks I'll put in for the sanction.

I must say The Silver Hills field in Coeur D'alene has the best backdrop at any ff to fly in the PNW with the tree line and theme park in the background It's like a real flight field.I wish I would have remembered last year to take a pic. to share with you guys how cool that field is The owner is the guy that runs it and is a really nice guy too.

We need to get more people there this year you will not be disappointed

This will be my 17th year flying helis at ff's here in the PNW.
So come on boys lets get the ball rolling for some stick bangin in the summer of 2017

Bill Pierce

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02-05-2017 08:12 PM
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