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New to flying FPV and have been learning with a Diatone Tyarnt 180. A few weeks ago I was LOS flying and had a decently hard crash in the field. Nothing really broke besides a prop. Ever since I've been getting what I can best describe as a twitch or jitter during flight.

As of the last few days it seems to have gotten worse, to the point where the quad kind of drops to one side but then regains power.This drop happened only a few times, but the jitters/twitching is consistent. If I run the motors with props off in the house it seems smooth, this is happening during flight only.

Could this be damaged motor or ESC? Maybe something else? I'm not experienced with this stuff so any help would really be appreciated. Here are a couple videos of flying the last few days and you'll see it right away, Nevermind the music lol. You'll be able too see, and maybe even hear the problem right away.

3rd FPV flight with Diatone Tyrant 180

Watch at YouTube

FPV flying the Diatone Tyrant 180 Quadcopter

Watch at YouTube

01-21-2017 03:34 AM
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